Wood industry

Manufacturers in the wood and timber industry face a number of challenges. Your equipment has to deal with high temperatures, high humidity and heavy loads, not to mention large amounts of dust and pollutants. That’s why Total Lubrifiants has specially formulated a range of lubricants, greases and oils for wood manufacturing.

Wood industry requirements

TotalEnergies understandings of your constraints is the following:

  • Severe operating conditions
    • Very high temperatures
    • High pressures
  • High value manufacturing equipments
    • High CAPEX
    • Enhancing the service-life of equipment and spare parts
  • Continuous process
    • Very high costs of production stoppages
    • Reduction of the time spent in maintenance and cleaning operations
    • Safety of lubrication operations
  • Energy intensive industry
    • Research for reducing environmental impact
    • Optimization of fuel and lubricant consumption